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From Ryan Phillips <ryan-...@trolocsis.com>
Subject Immature Sqlite3 Patch for Apr-util
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 07:27:33 GMT
I worked on implementing a sqlite3 module for apr-util's dbd interface.

There are some things not working yet: Transactions, 
{pquery,pvquery,etc} and some tests not passing.

The largest stumbling block I have encountered is that sqlite3's API 
doesn't appear to export the number of tuples returned from a SQL 
statement. (perhaps I am missing something) 

Any help would be appreciated.

diff against svn revision 156504.

Ryan Phillips

P.S. I've been testing by running:
     test/testdbd sqlite3 test.db

(The params option (test.db) is the filename of the database)

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