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From Jim Jagielski <...@jaguNET.com>
Subject Re: Licensing for apr_dbd and MySQL
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2005 21:10:22 GMT
> Right, I don't believe you need a FLOSS exception. The ASF's license 
> is compatible with MySQL's thoughts on what the GPL is compatible 
> with. Namely the interface can exist and there are no issues with it 
> being made available.  Its the last mile that is at question. If 
> someone compiles the apr and links it against a closed source 
> application then they will need to compile the APR with all GPL code 
> disabled, otherwise if its in an open source environment (or in a web 
> environment where no code is being distributed) they are ok.

The APR question is closely related to how things are "allowed" within
PHP. For example, I can build PHP --with-mysql and then bundle PHP with
my application which is closed-source and all is OK. The reasoning
is that PHP w/o MySQL DB support would be a severe handicap to
PHP's usefulness as well as MySQL's potential audience.

Not having a similar allowance for APR would prevent external
companies who bundle/provide/distribute Apache2 from having
apr-dbd be "MySQL" aware. Considering the pervasiveness of
MySQL, this would almost make apr-dbd worthless in those
environments and in those distributions.

So yes, it's true that apr (actually apr-util) with apr-dbd
would not bundle any MySQL code (just make use of the
public API), we would like external agencies to be able
to build apr-util/apr-dbd with MySQL support and distribute
the end result without requiring it to be OSS (ala PHP).

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