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From <bjar...@cogitoinc.com>
Subject Shared or static library?
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2005 00:56:54 GMT
I'm just starting a multi-platform project (linux/win32) and I'm setting up to use APR.

On http://apr.apache.org/compiling_unix.html it says "As of this writing, APR is not quite
ready to be installed as a system-wide shared library; it currently works best when tied directly
to the application using it."

I interpreted this to mean that I should use APR as a static library rather than shared. 
Even though this was an the unix build page, I've assumed it applies to all platforms (bad
assumption?).  I've tried to initially build apr-1.1.0 on windows using the provided .dsw/.dsp
files.  I get unknown symbol link errors with the static library even after defining APR_DECLARE_STATIC
and APU_DECLARE_STATIC, yet I can successfully build and link to the shared library (.dll).
 I've seen around the net lib*.so's and *.rpm's that appear to be ready for use as a system-wide
shared library.  

Is the web page out of date (or am I just suffering stupid user errors)?  Does it apply to
all platforms?  Is there a preference for using APR as a shared or static library?

--the walrus

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