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From Nick Kew <n...@webthing.com>
Subject Re: APR 1.1.0 Releasee Cycle?
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2005 18:40:23 GMT
On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 05:05:52PM +0100, Mladen Turk wrote:
> > Why?
> > How to test something outside real-world anyhow.
> > If Nick stands behind its patch, thats more then enough for me.
> Once we issue a release with that API, we can never change it in the 1.x
> series.  So, we *must* be conservative about deploying new APIs to ensure they
> are perfect.

The DBD API may well want extending.  I have some thoughts myself, but
would like to see it in public SVN space before spending more time on it
(FWIW, I'm *using* it for work-in-progress, and have not found it
necessary to review the API in connection with that work:-)

> FWIW, I would consider any features not buildable on Win32 as a showstopper
> for 1.1.0, but that's my opinion.  -- justin

Indeedie.  Is there some reason to suppose apr_dbd won't build on windows?
Some of the drivers might not (does pgsql even exist on windows?), but I
wouldn't see that as a showstopper, any more than a native MSSQL driver
not compiling on *X.

Nick Kew

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