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From "Kashyap Ashwin" <Ashwin.Kash...@thomson.net>
Subject epoll.c bug
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 20:31:24 GMT

I noticed that pollset->nalloc is not checked in pollset_add in epoll.c.

select.c has:

    if (pollset->nelts == pollset->nalloc) {

        return APR_ENOMEM;



Shouldn't epoll.c also have this check? 


Also, you are incrementing nelts for every pollset_add, but never
decrementing it. This will eventually cause an overflow. It will also
make the above fix to epoll.c broken.


This is really causing me trouble, I am trying to implement something
like SEDA (staged event driven execution) where I have to add and remove
pollfd from a pollset a few thousand times, whenever there is some


Can someone please confirm that this is a bug in apr/poll/unix/epoll.c
or that it has been fixed in a recent version? I am using








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