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From Martin Kraemer <mar...@apache.org>
Subject apr-iconv and apr-0.x?
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 10:06:45 GMT
When invoking apr-iconv's buildconf, a warning is printed because
the APR_FIND_APR macro is invoked without parameters.
As a result, a warning is printed.

The attached patch invokes APR_FIND_APR with the 4th arg set to "0 1",
suppressing the warning, but my question is whether support for apr-0.x
should really be maintained (and if so, is is valid to use a parameter
in APR_FIND_APR's invocation at all?)

Probably the 4th arg should be set to [1] (or not at all).
I am unsure about the philosophy behind the APR_FIND_APR's API change,
and apr-iconv's usage scenario, that's why I wanted to ask here first.

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