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From Reid Spencer <r...@x10sys.com>
Subject Using APR << Newbie Question
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2005 06:33:40 GMT

I'm new to APR and starting to use it for my project. I've reviewed the
doxygen documentation available on the web site but I'm finding that its
not answering all my questions. So, my first question is .. is there
additional "programming guide" documentation available? I couldn't find
it, if there is.

To address my current needs, I'm looking at apr_uri.  I would like to be
able to assemble an apr_uri_t from various strings that I allocate
myself because my program assembles it in different parts (i.e. just
using a string and parsing it is not convenient). However, that doesn't
seem like it will play well with APR's pool allocation scheme. I've
noted that the apr_uri_* functions require a pool. I presume the fields
of the apr_uri_t would be allocated into that pool. How are such
allocations undone and can I just allocate the fields outside a pool and
still expect the apr_uri_* functions to work?


Reid "Seriously in need of an APR tutorial" Spencer

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