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From "Brad Nicholes" <BNICHO...@novell.com>
Subject Backport and release policy for APR and APR-UTIL...
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 17:22:18 GMT
   What is the backport and release policy for APR and APR-UTIL?  I
assume that the APR and APR-UTIL projects have adopted the same
"RTC/STATUS file voting" policy as the HTTPD project.  Assuming that
this is true, there appears to be a break down in how this policy
functions in the APR projects.  It's been a couple of months since the
release of APR 1.0.  Since then there has been a lot of activity in
TRUNK as compared to almost no activity in the 1.0.x branch.  So the
question is, have all of the patches committed to TRUNK truely been
1.1.x only patches or should a portion of them have been backported to
the 1.0.x branch?  

   Either way this question is answered brings up some concerns about
the future of APR and APR-UTIL projects.  If the answer is "yes" then
how long will it be before we see APR 1.2?  Given the previous history
of the HTTPD project moving from one point release to another, it could
be a couple of years before we see 1.2.  This would mean that a lot of
good work and valuable patches will be going unnoticed and untested in
the community for a very long time.  Kind of flys in the face of
"Release Early, Release Often".  If the answer is "no" then why haven't
they been backported so that we can get these code changes tested and
put to good use quickly?  

   If we have adopted the "RTC/STATUS file voting" policy, then we need
to start using it and start working towards the 1.02, 1.0.3, 1.0.4, etc.
releases.   Otherwise it appears that APR and APR-UTIL will eventually
stagnate due to the fact that any work that is done, never gets released
or used.



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