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From Arto Jalkanen <ajalk...@cc.hut.fi>
Subject Precompiled APR libraries for Win32?
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 21:44:00 GMT
Apologies if this message is a duplicate (or a triplicate ;)), I seem to 
experience some problems with the list on the previous e-mail address.

Has anyone built APR 1.0.1 built for Win32 that does not require
Cygwin? I tried compiling with MinGW but got no further than to error
about shared memory allocation:

checking for mmap... no
checking for munmap... no
checking for shm_open... no
checking for shm_unlink... no
checking for shmget... no
checking for shmat... no
checking for shmdt... no
checking for shmctl... no
checking for create_area... no
checking for MAP_ANON in sys/mman.h... no
checking for /dev/zero... yes
./configure:Error: decision on anonymous shared memory allocation method 

If there's a precombiled library available I'd much appreciate
obtaining it, or some pointers how to get this compiling with MinGW. I
did manage to compile it with cygwin but I do not want to be dependent on 

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