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From James Monteath <jmonte...@dkp.com>
Subject Re: find_apr.m4
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 17:45:43 GMT
Hi there,

The script can do a much better finding the config scripts. They should 
do a "which" first for apr-config or apu-config to see if it can find 
one.  If it does just use it as it is found.

I am going to change the scripts so that they behave the same as most 
configure scripts out there.  I set all of these in PATH and you should 
be able to find the correct one.  I also set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH, but 
you dont seem to use it.

It could also check for APR_HOME or ARP_UTIL_HOME if set for those that 
like to manage their installations that way.  If all else fails then 
keep using the current search implementation.  I really don't like to 
set --with-apr=* and have to set it when it should be easy to find.

All the dependent apps are forced to use the --with-apr* all the time 
and it should be much easier to find the apr-config files.


Tommi Maekitalo wrote:
> Hi,
> we use find_apr.m4 to locate apr. It searches for apr 
> in /usr /usr/local /opt/apr and /usr/local/apache2, but not in the 
> default-installation-path /usr/local/apr. I think it would be nice to add 
> this path.
> Tommi

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