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From "Graham Leggett" <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject LDAP detection in apr_ldap.h[.in]
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2004 13:20:38 GMT
Hi all,

Looking at the file apr_ldap.h.in, it seems the detection of the LDAP
library is pretty bogus. It's been an age since I looked at this
particular code, so I want to check whether it is in fact bogus or if I am
on the wrong track.

Netware and Windows works because they have their own dedicated header
files. The Unix header files seem to default to openldap, with everything
else being bogus.

The resultant apr_ldap.h that is created by ./configure contains a number
of weirdnesses:

 #define APR_HAS_NETSCAPE_LDAPSDK    @apu_has_ldap_netscape@
 #define APR_HAS_NOVELL_LDAPSDK      @apu_has_ldap_novell@
 #define APR_HAS_OPENLDAP_LDAPSDK    @apu_has_ldap_openldap@
 #define APR_HAS_MICROSOFT_LDAPSDK   @apu_has_ldap_microsoft@
 #define APR_HAS_OTHER_LDAPSDK       @apu_has_ldap_other@

The above variables are simply not filled in. The vendor should be
identified by the LDAP_VENDOR_NAME standard LDAP SDK define, I assume
changing this to detect the SDK using LDAP_VENDOR_NAME is the right thing
to do?

The code also contains this:

 /* FIXME: this code awaits support from apu-conf.m4 */

What does "APR_NOT_READY_YET" do?


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