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From "Brad Nicholes" <BNICHO...@novell.com>
Subject Re: More informative SVN subject line (Re: svn commit: r76284 - apr/apr/trunk)
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 22:28:02 GMT
  I understand about the revision numbers and I agree that it is an
important piece of information, but unnecessary on the subject line. 
The subject line needs to include information that allows one to quickly
sort and prioritize the commits.  IMHO, the revision number isn't a
piece of information that helps do that.  Once I have determined that
the commit is important enough for me to review, I will certainly open
and view the contents of the message.  After I have reviewed the commit
via the message contents and determined that further review is
necessary, that is the point when the revision number becomes *very*
important.  As far as the "svn commit:" prefix is concerned, it was
redundant information before and I believe that it is still redundant
information.  Perhaps "svn:" is all that would be required so that when
a commit message is replied to on the dev@ lists, it is distinguished
from other posts.


>>> justin@erenkrantz.com Friday, November 19, 2004 2:47:17 PM >>>
--On Friday, November 19, 2004 2:41 PM -0700 Brad Nicholes 
<BNICHOLES@novell.com> wrote:

> listings to keep the subject line shorter and more informative.  I
> don't need to see "svn commit: rxxxx" at the front of every message. 
> already know it is an SVN commit based on the mailing list it came
>  And if I am really interested in the revision number, I'm sure I
> get that from the message content.

IMHO, the revision number is the *most* important attribute of the
Subversion uses global revision numbers: there is no per-file revisions

like CVS.  If you know the revision number, you can get everything
And, we already had a 'cvs commit: ' prefix on our previous CVS emails.

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