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From Randy Kobes <ra...@theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca>
Subject Re: apxs/apr-config/apu-config on Win32
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 06:10:27 GMT
On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> At 11:51 AM 11/29/2004, Stas Bekman wrote:
> >Randy Kobes wrote:
> >>I've been testing out some perl scripts to emulate
> >>apxs/apr-config/apu-config on Win32 (under Apache/2.0.x),
> >>and was wondering if there was any interest in developing
> >>them within the appropriate httpd/apr sources. At present
> >>they can be installed via a perl script
> >>    http://perl.apache.org/dist/win32-bin/install_apxs
> >>This assumes an installed Apache binary with the associated
> >>apr/aprutil libs, but it would be possible to separate out
> >>the apxs from the apr/apu config utilties. In their present
> >>form they're intended for building modules outside of the
> >>httpd sources; they've been tested out on the c-modules
> >>within the perl-framework under httpd-test, as well as those
> >>under env/ of httpd-apreq-2, and they seem to work OK.
> >
> >+1
> >
> >Randy is a long time committer to the mod_perl project,
> >so I'm sure that if the proposed scripts are integrated
> >with apr/httpd, Randy will be able to maintain those,
> >once the right karma is added. There are very few brave
> >folks who handle the win32 world, so let's make it easier
> >for them to help the disadventaged win32 users.
> ++1 - this is a wonderful thing.
> One note - I'd like to see this stripped to the point where you
> don't have a ton of dependencies on additional modules.  Would
> be nice to distribute without the need to use Makemaker.  Is
> this possible?  (Putting necessary .pm stubs in the same tree
> as apxs and letting it run out-of-the-box?)

Yes, it's possible to strip it down, and in particular,
do away with MakeMaker. This is done in the version at
When unpacked, running, eg,
   perl apxs_install.pl D:\Path\to\installed\Apache2
will configure and install apxs, apr-config, and apu-config.
Here, D:\Path\to\installed\Apache2 is the top-level Apache2
installation directory, and it is assumed that things have
already been installed there (in order to get some version
information and library names). However, if desired, this
information could be extracted from files within the sources
instead, prior to installation.

This smaller version does away with some of the checks and
possible user prompting of the earlier version, by assuming
that the specified D:\Path\to\installed\Apache2 is the right
one. So it might be suitable to be invoked from
httpd-2.0.x/Makefile.win, using the $(INSTDIR) defined

Note that there's a few variables, such as in the installed
$APACHE2/build/config_vars.mk, which I left blank, either
because I didn't know what the Win32 versions were, or
because they seemed Unix-specific. These can be easily
changed, though.

best regards,

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