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From Garrett Rooney <roo...@electricjellyfish.net>
Subject win32 questions
Date Sun, 21 Nov 2004 20:51:29 GMT
I'm playing around with autogenerating dsp files again, and ran into a 
few weird things I wanted to ask about...

First of all, threadproc/win32/threadcancel.c doesn't seem to be built. 
  Or to be finished for that matter, the only function in there that 
isn't commented out is ap_cancel_thread, which clearly isn't an apr 
function.  There doesn't seem to be any thread cancellation support 
anywhere else in APR, so can we just delete this file?

Second, I notice in apr.dsp we explicitly exclude misc/win32/apr_app.c 
from being built, which makes sense, since you clearly don't want it in 
the library all the time.  Is it absolutely necessary for apr.dsp to 
exclude it, or can we get away with just not listing it?

Third, there are a bunch of header files (apr_random.h, 
arch/win32/apr_arch_proc_mutex.h, arch/win32/apr_arch_thread_cond.h, and 
arch/win32/apr_dbg_win32_handles.h specifically) that aren't listed in 
apr.dsp but do exist in the tree and one (apr_private_common.h) that 
doesn't exist but is listed.  Any reason this can't be resynched with 

Finally, it seems that the random/unix/*.c code is built as part of 
apr.dsp (the static lib) but not as part of libapr.dsp (the dll), is 
there a reason for this?



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