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From Mladen Turk <mt...@apache.org>
Subject Some pending pathches for review/commit
Date Sun, 12 Sep 2004 07:34:35 GMT

I've posted couple of patches for apr that seems to be
lost somewhere. There has been some discussion on
some of them, so I'm sending them all at once with
brief explanation for each.

1. test_makefile_win.patch

The apr/test/Makefile.win is missing a target to build
a readchild.exe that test is depending on but is never

2. apr_random.patch

Set the hash tables to zero on init.
Although the test are passing now, some deep explanation
would be fine (probably from Ben Laurie).
I presume that the unix is setting the
memory to zero while on WIN32 it is set to 0xCD, and that's
why the expected test values are never met on WIN32.

3. apr_thread_join.patch

Makes the threads to behave like on posix.
If the thread is created without APR_DETACH expect that
the thread_join will be called, so don't close the handle
in advance, if the thread has already finished.

4. file_stat.patch

Fixes obtaining security info on files for NT+. The current
implementation works only with directories, but for files
we need the READ_CONTROL open flag.

5. sha2.patch

Just fixes the compile time warnings caused by assigning 64
bit values to 32 bit integers, by casting them to unsigned int.


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