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From "Anthony Wells" <awe...@cd-crafters.com>
Subject Using APR
Date Sat, 21 Aug 2004 18:31:53 GMT
Hi All!

Currently, I am attempting to port an older Apache 1.3 module to Apache 2.0
using the APR.  Unfortunately, the documentation for APR is rather sparse
and after much reading and examination of the Apache 2.0 modules, I find
myself very much dazed and confused.  (Aspirin anyone?)

I'm trying to read in the content from the connection into a byte buffer
that I have created in the apr_pool.  I was trying to use the bucket bridage
functionality to do so, but it's not working.  (I also looked at mmap but I
don't think mmap actually does what the name implies???)

Can anyone help me with this maybe with a small code snippet or pointing to
a "working" example?

Thanks a bushel,

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