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From "Anthony Wells" <awe...@cd-crafters.com>
Subject RE: Missing symlink for libaprutil
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 13:37:06 GMT

In the installation of my main server I have the following files under

libapr-0.so -> libapr-0.so.0.9.5
libapr-0.so.0 -> libapr-0.so.0.9.5
libapr-0.so.0.9.5 (actual library)
libapr.so.0 -> libapr-0.so.0

The same files above exist for libaprutil.

My dummy, verily-configured installation of Apache 2.0.50, which I use for
build purposes, has the same files under /usr/local/apache2/lib except
libapr.so.0 and libaprutil.so.0.  These files were indeed created during the
install with the exception of the ones mentioned.

I probably have libapr.so.0 and libaprutil.so.0 because of SuSE's rpm

Hope this helps,

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From: news [mailto:news@sea.gmane.org]On Behalf Of Michael Wallner
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 6:05 AM
To: dev@apr.apache.org
Subject: Missing symlink for libaprutil


shouldn't a symbolic link be created, when apr gets
installed (with apache2)?

I'm talking about
/usr/lib/libaprutil.so[.0] -> /usr/lib/libaprutil.0.so

Many thanks,
Michael - < mike(@)php.net >

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