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From Geoffrey Young <ge...@modperlcookbook.org>
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 12:44:41 GMT
hi all...

over in mod_perl land we are trying to figure out whether to call apr-config
or apr-$version-config, depending on which version of APR we are trying to
compile against.  from the archives it looks like APR_FIND_APR is the
official way to do this, but it doesn't really help us lots since we're not
a configure based install and have to rely on a bunch of system() calls from

I hesitate to raise the issue again, since it looks like this was a
passionate subject before, but is it possible to roll up APR_FIND_APR into
its own, separate utility script or something?  or maybe somebody else has
has a suggestion as to how we can intelligently figure out which utility
function to call?

not being familiar with the history here outside of the archives (which I
kinda got lost in), it seems pretty strange to have embedded the version in
the utility scripts rather than just adding a new --version parameter :)


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