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From "Gisle Vanem" <g...@bgnett.no>
Subject Re: Inline problems on MingW
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 20:01:02 GMT
"Cliff Woolley" wrote:

> Crap, I mised that detail.  Anyway I find it difficult to believe that
> this is an insoluable problem, since it works fine on a real
> configure-generated apr.h on other platforms that uses gcc.  Ah, I see my
> apr.h generated on Linux uses __inline__ instead of __inline (no extern).
> Does that help your situation at all?

So you bloating your Linux binaries/shared-libs for no reason.

__inline__ foo (void)
  puts ("Hello world");

This puts a foo() in every object regardless of you call foo() or
not. Use objdump to check. Adding an "extern" only adds foo() 
if it is called or referenced. gcc on MingW or djgpp has done this 
for a long time. I'd be amassed if this was any different on gcc/Linux.


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