>> 3- overload detach field from cgi_exec_info_t in 2.0 to make sure no bump are needed,
>> no backport entry needed in that case.

>Not sure what you mean there, any proposed backport to the
>APACHE_2_0_BRANCH for httpd needs to be added to STATUS following the
>normal procedure.
The change done in 2.1 include an added field for address space in the
cgi_exec_info struct.
The field could not be backported because of a requested number bump.
This is why I need to overload the detached field from the same structure in the
2.0 branch, not in the 2.1.
How could I propose a backport on changes in mod_cgi.c that will only be in
the 2.0 and not in the 2.1 branch? This is not a backport, the 2.0 changes
are partially a workaround in order to keep binary comp. 
Thank you,