>used as a bitfield like this in the 2.0 branch.  For mod_cgi in HEAD it
>needn't be weird of course, the addrspace field could be left in there.
I was trying to make head and 2.0 the same,
my bet for not disconnecting the two branches...
To do:
1- pull back today head httpd and apr changes, it is working and no need to touch it,
2- back port address_space api and apr_procattr_t field in apr 0.9 branch as it is in 1.0,
3- overload detach field from cgi_exec_info_t in 2.0 to make sure no bump are needed,
no backport entry needed in that case.
Will that satisfying?

Jean-Jacques Clar
rendez-moi ma tÍte svp