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From Nick Kew <n...@webthing.com>
Subject Re: setjmp/longjmp vs try/throw/catch
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 20:02:14 GMT
On Tue, 20 Jul 2004, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> IIRC - all setjmp and other usually-thread-agnostic calls in a normal clib
> were redesigned to use TLS in the Win32 msvcrt lib, long before most
> Unixes considered implementing threads :)  I believe on win32 you will
> be fine, I'd be more worried about the thread implementations.

I have it on credible authority (in IRC from someone I believe, after
I asked) that POSIX requires it to be thread-safe.  That's good enough
for me: tells me I don't need to advise the Client to use prefork.

> This sure sounds like an abstraction we should assist with using apr.

Agreed.  But I don't have APR karma to introduce the idea there.

Nick Kew

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