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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: apr-util/ldap/ - sink or really swim to 1.0 release?
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 18:11:57 GMT
Brad Nicholes wrote:

>    I wish I was going to be at LinuxWorld but I guess that means that I
> have a little more time to review.  Looking forward to seeing the code. 
> Also if anybody else has time to review the current util_ldap backport
> proposals, I would like to get that done and into 2.0, otherwise the
> modules remain broken in 2.0 (AFAIK the stuff works great in 2.1).  We
> might get a little more help on the rest of the LDAP code if what
> already exists really worked.

A question: The LDAP SDK returns error codes.

How should provision be made for them? Should we be mapping them to APR_ 
  namespace protected codes? If so, how? It seems errorno handling is 
done in apr, not apr-util - but apr doesn't have any knowledge of LDAP.

Where should this be handled?


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