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From Geoffrey Young <ge...@modperlcookbook.org>
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 20:47:20 GMT
cross-posted to dev@apr

Garrett Rooney wrote:
> Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> hi all
>> I was just in garrett's APR talk here at oscon and he was mentioning the
>> APR_STATUS_IS_SUCCESS macro, which I found interesting since httpd
>> only uses
>> it in a few places, opting for a direct comparison to APR_SUCCESS
>> instead.
>> should we move to APR_STATUS_IS_SUCCESS in all places?  can someone who
>> groks the nuances of the macro add some insight here?
> This is actually something I was wondering about as I wrote the
> presentation.  Neither Apache or Subversion use APR_STATUS_IS_SUCCESS
> everywhere, but I wonder if we should, since if you look at the
> definition of the macro there are cases when it's more than just (s) ==

just another note, I grep'd the code for "rc == APR_SUCCESS" and it looks
like not even APR is using the macro everywhere...


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