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From Bill Stoddard <b...@wstoddard.com>
Subject Re: Commit MSVC++ fixes?
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 19:59:16 GMT
Ed Holyat wrote:

> My employer and myself have no problem with contributing to the foundation,
> but, the CLA is way to general.  If it were revised to only include
> contributions towards a specific project it would be simple to sign and
> submit.  

I need to look but I believe the corporate CLA (which is different from the individual CLA)
allows scoping 
contributions to the granularity of an ASF project but I need to confirm it.

> Is submission without the copyright notice, ok

Well, we generally accept small bug fix patches (like the one you submitted) from folks who
have not signed a 
CLA, but I would discourage your submitting patches against the policies of your employer's
guidelines just to 
get around this issue.  If someone contributes a patch, our policy is to trust that they have
the legal right 
to do so and are not prohibited from doing so by their employee. Contributors should also
understand the terms 
and conditions of the ASL 2.0. For more substantial (read, 'new function') contributions,
contributors need to 
sign the individual CLA.


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