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From Justin Erenkrantz <jus...@erenkrantz.com>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apr configure.in
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 07:04:48 GMT
--On Wednesday, July 7, 2004 7:40 AM +0000 jorton@apache.org wrote:

> jorton      2004/07/07 00:40:12
>   Modified:    poll/unix poll.c
>                .        configure.in
>   Log:
>   * poll/unix/poll.c (backend_cleanup): Only define if using epoll/kqueue.
>   (apr_pollset_destroy): Only run cleanup if using epoll/kqueue.
>   (apr_pollset_add): Fix warning for ye olde platforms still using poll().

I changed this from Paul's patch on purpose.  Why shouldn't we always 
define the cleanup even if we don't have kqueue or epoll?  If we add 
Solaris's /dev/poll, we'd need a cleanup.  I see only the fallback 
implementation perhaps not needing it - almost any real implementation 
would.  I thought doing it your way makes the code a lot less clean.

*shrug*  -- justin

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