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From "Max Bowsher" <m...@ukf.net>
Subject Re: rey4 Bindings mess reversion incomplete
Date Sat, 24 Jul 2004 00:31:08 GMT
Russell Yanofsky wrote:
> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> The trunk perl bindings are still broken on OS X and Cygwin, because
>> there is still an interdependency between libsvn_swig_perl and
>> swig_core. The move of the current_pool variable was not reverted.
>> Max.
> What if you apply the patch at
> http://www.contactor.se/~dast/svn/archive-2004-07/0586.shtml ?

No good. Darwin.

> I'm reluntant
> to move the current_pool variable back to libsvn_swig_perl, because it
> the swig code messier and requires that we build libsvn_swig_perl as a dll
> on windows.

Why is that bad?


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