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From "David reid" <da...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject 1.0 timetable...
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 22:06:46 GMT
OK, so the time has come for another push, the final push, to get 1.0 out
the door. We've tried this before and haven't ever managed to get to a
point whereby we have a broad agreement that what's in the repo is 1.0 -
so this time I'm going to suggest we try something a little different :-)

Jeff has just posted about the showstoppers. Hopefully that will get us
ready for "fixing" what's going to be in apr and apr-util 1.0. I'm
proposing that by the 16th June we have that all sewn up and finalised.
Basically if you feel we're missing soemthing important then squawk now or
wait for 1.1 :-) The aim is to roll the first candidate (maybe even the
final one if it's perfect - well we can dream) on 16th June.

Alongside all that we need to make sure that the code is ready (no point
in doing this otherwise, right?). I'm proposing that we finalise the 1.0
release (essentially rol the definitive tarball) on 30th June.

That gives us just under 4 weeks to get things ready. I think this is not
only realistic but I believe it's achievable (otherwise I wouldn't have
suggested it).

So, if you feel we've overlooked a patch then send a reminder (no need to
include the entire patch again but links are cool :-)). We need to add to
our test suite (Ryan will be only too willing to help people write tests
I'm sure :-)). If you have a patch then a test that demonstrates it would
be a really useful thing to provide (hint, hint) :-)

Shall we make it happen?


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