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From "David Reid" <da...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject 1.0 issues...
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 22:13:15 GMT
Sent this earlier, but it seems to have gotten eaten somewhere! Apologies if
the original turns up as well!

I'm heading towards an initial roll on Wednesday, so time for alterations to
the 1.0 API is almost up!

Looking through STATUS...

API issues (by Wednesday)

- we need to decide if Ryan's proposed fix to the mutex_child_init should
stay or we stick with existing api. I've not been involved in it heavily,
BUT can we have some votes as otherwise I'll stick with what we have.
- namespace protection in headers. Where do we stand on this? apr.hnw is
listed in STATUS?
- thread return types. I see 2 +1's already for changing the type to an
apr_status_t. Anyone else care to comment/vote?
- version to apr_initialise. I see enough 3 +1's, but a -1 and a -0, so
- apr_md5 functions. Should they change to void? Move to apr-util?

Non-API issues (by end of month)

- apr_strftime. We have a comment about moving the win32 re-implementation
and have the outstanding issue from Dmitri about case sensitive months.
- SysV semaphore issues with Apache. Jim is currently listed as looking at
it. Jim?
- AIX 4.2.1 pthreads recognition? Jeff?
- VPATH support issue with post-processing of AC_OUTPUT files?
- cork/uncork for FreeBSD's sendfile? Is this still relevant? Joe? Jeff?
- better test for condition variables
- FreeBSD & fcntl issue (EOPNOTSUPP). Justin is this now fixed?
- APR_PROGRAM_ENV & APR_PROGRAM_PATH on BeOS/OS/2, Netware and Win32

Punt to next release

- stats for pools
- better largefile support
- replacing tables
- apr_crypt - apr or apr-util? Greg has volunteered but so far only one +1
- runtime feature check
- apr_proc changes (non-api code fixes)

I've not been exhaustive as some entries seem to be very out of date. Can
people please review STATUS.


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