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From "David Reid" <da...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject [REVIEW] issues for 1.0
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 16:15:23 GMT
I'm heading towards an initial roll on Wednesday, so time for alterations to
the 1.0 API is almost up!

Looking through STATUS...

API issues (by Wednesday)

- we need to decide if Ryan's proposed fix to the mutex_child_init should
stay or we stick with existing api. I've not been involved in it heavily,
BUT can we have some votes as otherwise I'll stick with what we have.
- namespace protection in headers. Where do we stand on this? apr.hnw is
listed in STATUS?
- thread return types. I see 2 +1's already for changing the type to an
apr_status_t. Anyone else care to comment/vote?
- version to apr_initialise. I see enough 3 +1's, but a -1 and a -0, so
- apr_md5 functions. Should they change to void? Move to apr-util?

Non-API issues (by end of month)

- apr_strftime. We have a comment about moving the win32 re-implementation
and have the outstanding issue from Dmitri about case sensitive months.
- SysV semaphore issues with Apache. Jim is currently listed as looking at
it. Jim?
- AIX 4.2.1 pthreads recognition? Jeff?
- VPATH support issue with post-processing of AC_OUTPUT files?
- cork/uncork for FreeBSD's sendfile? Is this still relevant? Joe? Jeff?
- better test for condition variables
- FreeBSD & fcntl issue (EOPNOTSUPP). Justin is this now fixed?
- APR_PROGRAM_ENV & APR_PROGRAM_PATH on BeOS/OS/2, Netware and Win32

Punt to next release

- stats for pools
- better largefile support
- replacing tables
- apr_crypt - apr or apr-util? Greg has volunteered but so far only one +1
- runtime feature check
- apr_proc changes (non-api code fixes)

I've not been exhaustive as some entries seem to be very out of date. Can
people please review STATUS.


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