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From "David Reid" <da...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject 1.0 progress
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 23:24:31 GMT
Just to keep people up to date with progress :-)

The ASF mail server decided to stop my mails again and so I didn't get the
issues email out on Monday as I'd have liked. We seem to be making progress
on resolving things and the issues are slowly going away - all of which is

Ben's point about the md5 code is well made and so rather than change the
api I think we should fix/review the code to try and make the return values
more meaningful.

Nick Kew's patch for apr-util and uri's is additions to the api, so it's
fine for 1.1. There is also a code fix in the patch that should be applied
prior to 1.0. It'd still be good if Nick or someone else would provide a
test that showed the problems though :-)

There are now enough votes in place to change the thread return types, just
waiting on a patch to change it. Will Rowe seems to have ideas about how to
do it so maybe he'll provide a patch. I think this is something that should
be in 1.0 as we'll have to live with it for a long time.

The proposed change to apr_initialise is presently veto'd by Greg, though
there are a lot of +1's. I'm still hopeful Greg can explain his veto. That
said there isn't a patch available yet, so I'm forced to say that this is
bumped to 1.1, even though it could well be an api change. I'm guessing it
could (possibly) be done by adding another function, so maybe we can avoid
the change.

The other items were marked as being non-showstoppers by Justin, though if
anyone has time a review prior to the final release might not go amiss.

So far the only outstanding issue of any note is the locking. Justin's
proposed patch seems to be most in favour but hasn't had any votes for it,
while Ryan's has had a +1 vote. (Will Rowe's +1 seems vague as to which side
of the fence he's on)
Neither has gotten near the 3 +1's required, so neither is presently going

Following the mail delay (about 20 hours) I'm going to delay the initial tag
to ensure people have a good chance to review things. I'm busy on Thursday
but should have time to at least add the tag. So, the plan is to tag on late
Thursday and then create a tarball on Friday morning (timings UK local


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