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From "David Reid" <da...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] cgi_exec_info_t: detached & addrspace fieldscombined
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2004 19:06:46 GMT
Can someone clarify the status of this patch?

I wasn't planning on including it in the 1.0 tarball as I don't see how we
could test it in time and making an PAI at this late stage isn't a good idea
is it?

However, in a private reply Jean-Jacques stated that he hoped this to go
into 2.0.51, which would imply it goes into our 0.9 tree. This is a little
worrying as we'd then be in the situation whereby 0.9 had something that 1.0

I'm tempted to say that this should ONLY be applied for 1.1 and upwards
which would obviously mean that the httpd 2.0 tree wouldn't get the fix -
can we all say not ideal?

I'd be interested in hearing what people think.


> To replace the addrspace field that was added in the cgi_exec_info_t
> struct in mod_cgi.h I will like to propose extending the use of the
> detached (apr_int32_t) field in cgi_exec_info_t and apr_procattr_t
> structs.
> Currently that field is set to 0 by default and 1 if the process to be
> created will be a detached one.
> What I will like to do to is to add an address space option to set
> the second bit of that field in order to flag the new process to load
> or not in a new address space.
> The detached field in cgi_exec_info_t is set to 0 for all platforms and
> is used
> only in mod_netware and mod_win32.
> The changes will need to be back ported in order for NetWare to work
> after
> log.c r r1.145 is back ported.

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