I figured out what happened. The problem was because of the way I had unzipped .gz file. I used mksnt's uncompress and that caused the problem. So, I had to unzip it on unix box (or I could have got cygwin tools or updated mksnt for Windows) and then transferred the tar file to Windows machine and opened it. It works file now. I could compile and build libs as needed.
Thanks Amit and others who had given their thoughts.
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Missing windows style newline characters ?

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I tried to build APR on windows from downloading the source from one of the mirror sites. I got all the supporting utilities set up and tried to build APR by opening apr-util/aprutil.dsw. But it didn't show any associated projects. Opening .dsp files (aprutil or libaprutil) didn't help the build process either. Just wanted to know if I am missing something here. Please let me know of FAQ site fo APR.