Attached are revised patches (diff against HEAD and changes suggested by Joe)

Regarding other platforms(beos, win32, os2), I have a simple question ;)
Do we need to implement apr_shm_remove ? (or just return APR_ENOTIMPL)

Frankly speaking I have very little knowledge about beos and os2.
Just looking at APIs, I don't think there should be case of orphan segments and
if it is there, I didn't find a way to remove that segment just on the basis of
filename like we do in shm_xxx API.

Win32 has same case AFAIK. You can call "OpenFileMapping", but there is
no way to *destroy* file mapping which was created by some other process
which has died.

Suggestions ?


Joe Orton wrote:
On Fri, May 28, 2004 at 05:08:17PM +0530, Amit Athavale wrote:
Here is initial patch:

- only for unix, if this OK I will write for other platforms
- Tested on linux RH 8.0 and solaris 9
- New test case added in testshm.c

Please review it so I can provide patch for other platforms ASAP.

Looks good, thanks a lot Amit... patch against APR HEAD would be
preferred though.  There's no need for apr_shm_remove() to have an
APR_ENOTIMPL case: the caller knows not to call this function for an
anonymous segment.

You can collapse:

  rv = apr_file_remove();
  if (rv) return rv;
  return APR_SUCCESS;

into just "return apr_file_remove();"