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From makl <abcdefghijklmn...@gmx.net>
Subject [PATCH] Compile APR (HEAD) with MinGW
Date Sat, 01 May 2004 08:05:14 GMT
The build was tested with the following components:

MSYS 1.0.10

MSYS Developer Tool Kit 1.0.1
    + update msys-autoconf 2.59
    + update msys-automake 1.8.2
    + update msys-libtool 1.5

MinGW 3.1.0-1
    + update MinGW Runtime 3.2
    + update Windows API 2.5

libtool needs a 'file'-command to work correctly. You can get one from


* Makefile.in
    - Add 'include/arc' to the include path to avoid changes to many
      source files.
    - Overwrite 'apr.h' with 'apr.hw' during install.

* build.conf
    Add some extra files for the Windows build.

* configure.in
    - Ensure that the name of the MingW DLL is compatible to the MSVC
    - Set some values needed for the build.
    - Skip some not needed tests that fail with MinGW.

* build/gen-build.py
    - Add a win32 target.
    - Add platform independent processing for the extra files.
    - Ensure that only forward slashes are written to build-outputs.mk.

* include/apr.h.in
    Include apr.hw on win32.

* include/apr.hw
    - Make some needed adjustments for MinGW.
    - Fix the definition of IN6_IS_ADDR_V4MAPPED.

* include/arch/win32/apr_arch_atime.h
    - Fix the inline definition of FileTimeToAprTime and
    - Add prototypes for FileTimeToAprTime and AprTimeToFileTime to avoid
      compiler warnings.

* include/arch/win32/apr_arch_file_io.h
    apr_wchar_t is already defined in apr_arch_utf8.h.

* include/arch/win32/apr_arch_misc.h
    - Avoid a compiler warning.

* include/arch/win32/apr_private.h
    Don't define __attribute__ for MinGW.

* misc/win32/apr_app.c
* misc/win32/internal.c
    Commented out due to issues with _malloc_dbg.

* misc/win32/misc.c
    Don't include crtdbg.h.

* misc/win32/rand.c
    Include rpc.h

* misc/win32/start.c
    - Don't include crtdbg.h.
    - Commented out warrsztoastr and parts of apr_app_initialize due to
      issues with _malloc_dbg.

* test/Makefile.in
    - Add two programs to CLEAN_TARGETS
    - Add the shell wrappers to CLEAN_TARGETS
    - Add $(LOCAL_LIBS) to the build of mod_test.la and libmod_test.la.
    - Add @EXEEXT@ to testall
    - Add some preprocessing before running the tests.

* test/testdso.c
    Define MOD_NAME for MinGW

* test/testmmap.c
    Use the MinGW version of mmap_datafile

* test/testpipe.c
    Check the return code of apr_file_close for both calls.

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