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From Paul Querna <c...@force-elite.com>
Subject [PATCH] sys_epoll Support for apr_pollset
Date Sat, 29 May 2004 22:04:58 GMT
	Attached is a patch that implements a sys_epoll backend for
apr_pollset_*. For some info on epoll in general check out:

I had to change one of the tests to make them all pass.  In the original
test it had an invalid requirement on the order of the result set.  The
modified test allows it to pass if result set comes back in a different

The code should work on a Linux Machine with a 2.6 kernel, and an
updated glibc.  I have been able to test it with Lunar-Linux on x86, and
I will hopefully test it on Sparc64/Gentoo Linux later tonight.

Questions and comments are welcome, as this is the first code I have
written for epoll :)

-Paul Querna

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