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From Matthieu Estrade <apa...@moresecurity.org>
Subject How to remove an elts from an array
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 15:34:05 GMT

I actually have an header table with two Set-Cookie inside, so two elts 
with the same key in the array.
I would like to unset the second one, but when i use apr_table_unset, it 
will unset the first one.

When i try to go into the array, and remove or overwrite the header, it 
overwrite or delete some other stuff, and i am not suprised. There is 
also some warning at compile, saying i am to dirty =)

Is there a way to delete this second header in a clean way, or will i 
have to copy all header, except the one i want to delete, in another 
table and then change the table ?
Sorry if this question seems stupid, but i am a bit lost !



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