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From Tobias Ringstrom <tob...@ringstrom.mine.nu>
Subject Should apr work around this Win32 limitation?
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2004 00:05:43 GMT
I'm using APR from http-2.0.49 on WinXP.

When writing to the console in Win32, the maximum write size seems to be 
limited.  On my WinXP box, the limit is 61409 bytes.  If you try to 
write more in one call, WriteFile returns FALSE and GetLastError returns 
ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY=8 ("Not enough storage is available to process 
this command.").  [Insert standard Windows rant here]

The APR API used to trigger the error is a call to apr_file_open_stdout 
followed by a call to apr_file_write.  If the output of the program is 
redirected to a file, the problem disappears.

Is it a bug that APR does not work around that limitation, or should all 
APR applications have to know that the stdout write size can be limited?


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