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From r..@rkbloom.net
Subject test suite framework re-write
Date Sat, 24 Apr 2004 02:05:53 GMT

So, CuTest was bothering me because it does some stupid things, like longjmp'ing
out of the test functions.  I have begun writing a new framework from the ground
up.  This should be a much cleaner API and it gives much better output IMNSHO. 
The suite isn't complete yet, and some major features are still missing (ie you
can't see what failed yet, and you can't add log messages in a verbose mode).

You can see the code at: https://rkbloom.dyndns.org:444/abts/ through
Subversion.  This is only three files, so you have to download each
individually.  I haven't documented anything yet, and I haven't really tested
the current code yet.  But, this should give everybody an idea of where I want
to go with this.  Oh, and there is no Makefile yet either, but just gcc *.c works.

abts.[ch] are the framework
test.c is a _really_ stupid test program that just demonstrates the output.

Expect a message at some point in the next few weeks about switch APR to this
framework.  This also hasn't been tested on Windows yet, that will happen soon-ish.


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