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From Reid Spencer <r...@x10sys.com>
Subject Introduction & Question
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2004 22:01:47 GMT
Hello List,

Just thought I'd let you know that I've recently decided to base my
eXtensible Programming System (XPS) on APR. I have an existing platform
independence layer in XPS that was borne from not wanting to deal with
the complexities/problems of ACE. I am adding APR as one of the choices
for plugging in platform independence to XPS.  I look forward to using
and contributing to APR.  THANKS FOR DOING THIS!  It's much needed.

I have successfully built and installed apr and apr-util on RH Linux 9.
However, apr-iconv is giving me a little more trouble. I'm working with
the latest CVS sources (perhaps THAT's the problem :).  When I build at
the top level, make does nothing. I can build the character set
libraries and the "lib" but when trying to build iconv itself, I get:

/proj/work/apr/apr-iconv/util/iconv.c:144: undefined reference to `apr_iconv_open'
.libs/iconv.o(.text+0x37b):/proj/work/apr/apr-iconv/util/iconv.c:164: undefined reference
to `apr_iconv_close'
.libs/iconv.o(.text+0x40d):/proj/work/apr/apr-iconv/util/iconv.c:150: undefined reference
to `apr_iconv_close'
.libs/iconv_stream.o(.text+0x13e): In function `iconv_write':
/proj/work/apr/apr-iconv/util/iconv_stream.c:77: undefined reference to `apr_iconv'

even though lib/libapriconv.la built correctly and contains those symbols.

I'll dig some more but thought someone else might have run into this already.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.


Reid Spencer
eXtensible Systems, Inc.

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