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From r..@rkbloom.net
Subject Re: RESEND: PATCH: Update requested events for a descriptor that is already in a poll set
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 01:31:09 GMT

This patch is seg faulting the test suite.  I'll look into it, but this may be a
problem with the reference concept and apr_pollset_add.  The problem is that you
can create the apr_pollfd_t on the stack, which means that the ref field may not
be initialized.  This is what is causing the segfault, because in my test, the
apr_pollfd_t->ref field isn't NULL, but it isn't a valid address.

Does the test suite pass for you?


Quoting Robert Norris <rob@cataclysm.cx>:

> [ Resending - I gotta get this moving soon. Patch is attached. ]
> > You're probably right. I'll see about getting an updated patch that
> > incorporates these changes.
> OK, I've put together a new patch that implements the both the
> optimisation and the simpler _pollset_update() method.
> Attached to bug 27655:
>   http://nagoya.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=27655
> Rob.
> -- 
> Robert Norris                                       GPG: 1024D/FC18E6C2
> Email+Jabber: rob@cataclysm.cx                Web: http://cataclysm.cx/

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