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From Guenter Knauf <efl...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Move APR to the subversion repository
Date Sun, 14 Mar 2004 21:17:56 GMT
> On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 07:25:49PM +0100, Sander Striker wrote:
>> I hereby would like to propose that we move APR to the Subversion
>> repository at http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/.

> -1

> I'm against immediate adoption of SVN for purely community-based
> reasons, but not for technical reasons. I believe that switching to SVN
> will raise the bar to entry for new contributors, and I think we
sorry, but I cant get this. 
For what is it good for that I'm familiar with CVS, have it on my machine, and am able to
contribute patches, if I'm not able to commit them, and my posts get mostly ignored (as with
many other posts too) because either the commiters have no time for review or no time for

> should do whatever we can do to try and lower this bar. Unfortunately
correct. Then get more commiters; there are anyway not much out here who are crazy enough
to test their patches at least on 2 or more different platforms like I do mostly; and I was
hoping that after the split-up to 2.1-dev we could continue with a lower level of checking,
that means getting more commiters, and that they are allowed to check in simple patches without
discussion, and only conceptual changes need to be discussed.
The truth seems to be other than that: even commiters fear to commit changes without discussing
it, and if they try to discuss then it even happens to those that the discussion dies....

just my 0.2 EUR.

thanks, Guenter.

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