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From Guenter Knauf <efl...@gmx.net>
Subject [OT] lower the bar - was [PROPOSAL] Move APR to the subversion repository
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 13:46:49 GMT
> I'm against immediate adoption of SVN for purely community-based
> reasons, but not for technical reasons. I believe that switching to SVN
> will raise the bar to entry for new contributors, and I think we
> should do whatever we can do to try and lower this bar. Unfortunately
one other point I would like to to get around is that it seems I'm now forced to get MSVC7
if I want to continue to follow the 2.1-dev development on Win32. Since the atomic functions
were introduced last November, I'm no longer able to compile 2.1-dev. I've tried to update
the platform SDK, but couldnt get around that update either (not a ASF problem, but M$); perhaps
someone can point me to an update which cleanly applies to MSVC6 on W2K, and fixes the problem
with the atomic functions?
If not, and MSVC7 turns out as mandatory, this will certaily raise the bar at least for Win32...

thanks, Guenter.

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