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From Greg.C...@pfizer.com
Subject RE: jk2 new shmem using APR
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2004 16:53:44 GMT
> > As per above, Solaris apr build appears to have bugs.  As 
> yet I have not had
> > the time to look at why.
> > 
> > Does the above help?
> I very seriously doubt this.  Apache uses shared memory for 
> the scoreboard
> communication between the parent and child processes.  In 
> Apache 2.0, this is
> done using APR's shared memory support.  Also, the APR 
> testsuite tests shared
> memory, and while I don't currently have a Solaris machine, 
> the last time I had
> one, APR passed this test on Solaris.

I do no boubt the above.  But I am using apache 1.3.x

When building mod_jk2 it requires the source to apr and apr-util along with
apxs for apache 1.3.x (I have used 1.3.26, I know this is old, but I have
other reasons).  mod_jk2 builds apr and apr-util as before anything else.
It will not use an installed apr or apr-util, it requires the source.

When building apr returns APR_HAS_SHARED_MEMORY 1 and hence mod_jk2 builds
with this.

When you then fire up apache with this module the following errors are
logged in the jk2.log file:

[Fri Feb 27 15:12:08 2004] (error ) [jk_shm.c (163)]  shm.create(): error
creating /tmp/cr.sandwich.pfizer.com_81.shm 2117992 22 0x1f5020 Invalid
[Fri Feb 27 15:12:08 2004] (error ) [jk_shm.c (238)]  shm.create(): error
mmapping /tmp/cr.sandwich.pfizer.com_81.shm

Hacking jk_shm.c to not use the APR shared memory results in it working.

I think that jk_shm.c has been changed to use apr in the last 12 months as
2.0.3 does not need apr.

> Perhaps you could give us more information about why you 
> think APR's shared
> memory appears to be bogus.

>From the above I would assume it is passing or being passed a wrong argument

It is worth noting that this appears to be an apache 1.3.x issue as no one
else seems to suffer from this.  However I have no idea if anyone else has
tried building mod_jk2 on Solaris for apache 1.3.x.



> Ryan

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