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From Jeff Trawick <traw...@attglobal.net>
Subject Re: getaddrinfo() on HP-UX 11i
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 11:11:47 GMT
Spinka, Kristofer wrote:
> Has anyone tried to use getaddrinfo with the AI_V4MAPPED flag (perhaps even
> OR'd with AI_ALL) and the family set to AF_INET6?  From what I gleaned from
> a brief look at httpd, the consumer in question, it appears as though
> IPv4-mapped addressing is used in general.

I haven't tried AI_V4MAPPED in APR personally.  We want APR to return just an 
IPv4 address (sockaddr_in, not sockaddr_in6) if the host has no IPv6 mapping.

IPv4-mapped addresses have been necessarily used by httpd when there is a 
single IPv6 listening socket for a given port because the kernel has to pass it 
a mapped address when there is an IPv4 connection to that IPv6 listening socket.

But whether or not there is a single IPv6 listening socket for a given port 
which can handle IPv4+IPv6 depends upon which Apache release and your set of 
Listen directives and your platform.

> Looking through the CVS code for network_io/unix/sockaddr.c ( from
> March 6th, it seems as though getaddrinfo is one of the few areas that
> wasn't properly upgraded to use v4 mapped addresses.  While the standard
> IPv4 API should work, HP-UX seems to prefer IPv6 everywhere (map v4's when
> needed).
> Can you tell me how to reproduce this issue on 11.23, so I may verify this?

The issue I thought we were discussing is an HP-UX misinstallation resulting in 
a getaddrinfo() that can only resolve hosts listed in /etc/hosts.  I don't 
think you want to try to reproduce this ;)

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