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From r..@rkbloom.net
Subject Re: cvs commit: apr-site/docs/coverage index.html
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2004 20:19:25 GMT

This commit makes the page look a lot nicer.  I may try to do a few some tweaks,
like either sorting the list by filename or by percent tested.  That work will
happen in the next few days, and I still want to colorize the gcov files
themselves.  I have updated the live site as well.

The colors are simple.

0% - 32%    -- Red
33% - 65%   -- Yellowish
66% - 100%  -- Green

Also, this data looks slightly better than it is.  While some of the files are
in the green block, that doesn't mean that they are fully tested.  Often we test
a single error condition which gets us coverage, but that block of code actually
handles 4 different error cases.  If only 1 of 4 is tested, then we are
reporting full coverage when in reality we are about 25% covered.

Also, I am not 100% sure of the percentages reported.  This data comes straight
out of gcov.  But, I did the math myself as:  
(num_of_lines run/total_lines

Quoting rbb@apache.org:

> rbb         2004/03/10 11:38:19
>   Modified:    docs/coverage index.html
>   Log:
>   use the new output from run-gcov.sh.  This adds the percent tested to the
>   page, and it uses some simple colors to highlight the percentage.

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