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From "Max Bowsher" <m...@ukf.net>
Subject Re: Re[2]: [PROPOSAL] Move APR to the subversion repository
Date Sat, 13 Mar 2004 16:27:49 GMT
Lev Serebryakov wrote:
> Hello, Brian!
> Saturday, March 13, 2004, 5:44:27 PM, you wrote:
>> Please define 'better'
>   50+ success stories with refinecvs (and all of these people try
>   cvs2svn before). About 10 repositories I know, which COULD NOT BE
>   converted with cvs2svn & converted with refinecvs. I don't know any
>   repository, which is converted with cvs2svn without problems and
>   could not be proceed with refinecvs. If you know such repositories
>   -- you are welcome!

Yes, cvs2svn used to be pretty buggy. It is now significantly less so, and
still improving.

>> Last time I checked refinecvs it:
>> - Did the entire repository conversion in-memory.
>   Yes, it is one of main `feature/bug' of this script. It works fast, but
>   consume memory. Some algorithms inside is O(n^2) and even worse. For
>   example, restoring tag creation history is very slow procedure. I've
>   tried to store tables in DBM, but it slow down process in orders of
>   magnitude.
>> - Skipped over branches and tags with anomalies (if you supply certain
>> switches--otherwise, it just errors out).  CVS repositories often have
>> more RCS edge cases than actual data. :-)
>   Even in case of `apr'?
>> - Had no test suite.
>   FreeBSD repository + whole cvs2svn test suite. Is it enough?

Where is this test suite? It doesn't seem to be in the tarball.

>> All of the above three things make me hesitant to trust my (let alone
>> the ASF's!) historical data to it.
>   Ok. But why should I trust my historical data cvs2svn, if it even
>   could not create proper dump for some of my repositories? We (I,
>   you, other authors of cvs2svn, whole CVS and SVN systems) are not
>   Donald Khuth or Dijkstra. We didn't prove our programs
>   mathematically.
>   I've started to write refinecvs when cvs2svn reports `All done'
>   about my repository and `svnadmin load' reject resulting dump! After
>   that I fixed 3 errors in dump by hands (adding files twice, deleting
>   files twice) and, as final result, got repository with messed branches.

You encountered bugs, OK, many of which are fixed now.

For reasons I do not fully understand, instead of helping to fix them, you
wrote a new piece of software.

The result is 2 tools each with their own advantages and disadvantages,
neither of which is strictly better than the other. Unfortunately, since one
is in Perl and the other in Python, I'm not sure there is any way to rectify
this situation.

>   In any case it is bad idea to blindly convert repo and think, that
>   everything is Ok. In any case, it is good idea to check every branch
>   and every tag (by checking out two working copies: from CVS and from
>   svn and comparing byte-by-byte).



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