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From Sascha Schumann <sas...@schumann.cx>
Subject Re: apr/apr-util python dependence
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 11:13:46 GMT
    Automake is clearly not a choice, nor has it ever been for a
    project of considerable size.  And recursive make clearly
    sucks -- the PHP project got rid of it 2 years ago.  We agree
    on these points.

> It was also written in Python because it is *just* starting. That script
> will also product .dsp and .dsw files in the future (the Subversion
> project generates these files, so I intend to follow that model). For now,
> it is just starting: it got rid of the recursive make crap. But there is a
> lot more that it can do.

    However I completely disagree that Python (or Perl or PHP) is
    a good choice for use in build systems.

> So no... switching to a shell script would not be beneficial, as it would
> cut off future capabilities.

    I doubt that.  .dsp and .dsw files are just other text files
    which can easily be created using sh, grep, sed, tr etc.

    - Sascha

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