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From Philip Martin <phi...@codematters.co.uk>
Subject Re: dot, dot-dot and apr_dir_read
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 02:26:05 GMT
rbb@rkbloom.net writes:

>>  - If it is, how does the current implementation of apr_dir_read
>>    guarantee it?
> It probably doesn't.  I never encountered a FS that didn't
> consistantly return .  and .. first, so I didn't code around the
> problem.


When the BTS catches up it will contain this information:

   The file system is ext3 with 2.6 kernel.  

   [11:03][arafune1:/export/SVN_common/hooks]$ ls -f -1

I asked the bug reporter to run "ls -f" which returns unsorted
entries, you can clearly see that "." and ".." do not come first.

> It wouldn't be too hard to resolve this in the APR code however.

Thanks, that will solve our problem long term.  I wonder what we
should do for Subversion 1.0?  Ship with a big disclaimer that hotcopy
does not work on ext3?  Implement our own dot-first stuff in
svn_io_dir_walk?  Wait for an APR fix and require that version?  I've
had a look at the Subversion code and I think hotcopy is the only
thing affected.

Philip Martin

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