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From Amit Athavale <amit_athav...@persistent.co.in>
Subject memory growth
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 09:31:32 GMT

I came across following strange(?) behavior while fixing a problem.

apr_pool_t *pool;

thread 1--->put data on pool--->---->apr_pool_clear(pool)--->put back 
new data on pool
thread 2 ---> accesses data at this point -------------------------

Clearly this is a bug in my code (it tries to access data on cleared 
pool), but the
strange behavior is, I see increase in memory usage of a process (used 
"pmem <pid> | grep heap")

Anyway I have fixed it by putting locks around (and that stops memory 
growth !)

But it will be better if somebody explains why memory increase in such 
case ?
Sorry if I am asking obvious question.


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